Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2011 Catch UP!

During fall break Papa Stephan took the whole family to Disneyland for 2 days. This was the 3rd time this year that we have gone. Yes we love Disneyland. It was all decorated for Halloween! We rode all our favorite rides including Haunted Mansion/ Nightmare before Christmas. We love toy story mania and as you can tell I beat Seany!!!
Seany turned 26 in November! I cant believe he is in his late twenties...I definitely am feeling old. For his birthday I spoiled him (well he spoiled himself). He bought a new snowmobile. Unfortunately there hasnt been enough snow to really break it in yet!
We spent Thanksgiving in Sunny California with my family. My grammy makes the best hawaiian food!!! Seany loves my grammy. It was so nice to see all my aunties and uncles. We also spent a lot of time of the beach running and beach crusin' with my sister Rissa and her husband Darrell. Seany went with the boys to the LA auto show and got to see the new mustang. We also went to the Farmers Market which is my favorite tradition.
December was full of suprises! Seany bought me a car! A 2009 BMW and he even put new wheels and tires on it. He reminds me everytime I get in the car to be careful and not to park close to curbs and watch for potholes. Unfortunately I hit a pot hole a couple weeks later and scratched the new wheels. Yeah Seany wasnt too happy when I called to tell him (he hung up on me). But he called back later and reassured me it wasnt my fault.
2011 Christmas was amazing!! (despite the lack of snow) No white Christmas this year. But we had so much fun at the Festival of Trees, friend Christmas party, family parties, and the Stephan annual gingerbread house competition. (we didnt win :( ) We spent Christmas Eve with my family. It was so fun to watch my nephew T.K open all his presents- he was excited about everything! Christmas morning Seany and I woke up at 6 am! We opened our gifts to each other and then off to the Stephan house. We spent all morning opening presents and then ate a yummy breakfast! The rest of the day was spent relaxing in our PJs. The highlight was when we got to talk to Elder Joshua Stephan!!! It was so fun to hear his voice! He is doing so well and is the bestest missionary ever!

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