Monday, August 8, 2011

Squaw Peak

Sorry I am still trying to catch up on blogging. We have been super busy and been on a lot of trips this summer. 4th of July we decided to go on a hike with Chris and Jen. Sean and I were thinking it was going to be a short 3 mile round trip hike. Well we were ended up being 8.4 miles round trip and it was basically all up hill. Needless to say it was a super good work out.
The mountain was covered in these yellow flowers.
Sean seriously is always on his phone doing business... It is hard to seperate him from his phone.
We finally made it to the top!!! The view was amazing!
When we got down to the bottom we rewarded ourselves with lunch at Marley's. We had some sliders, onion rings, and to top it all off we ended with frozen custard!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Happiest Places on Earth

Disney Land
The whole gang. Sean and I went to California for a short family reunion. We decided to go to Disney Land and guess who was there? Chelsi's family! We had a blast hanging out with them the whole day!
We took this picture right before the new World of Color light show. Seriously it puts Bellagio water show to same. This show was amazing with tons of different scenes from disney movies and even fire. If you have not seen it you are missing out!

Waiting to go on Pirates. The whole time on the boat ride Sean is saying "Dead Man Tell No Tell".. seriously the whole entire ride.
My absolute favorite ride of all time... Toy Story. We are super competitive on this ride. I will have you know I have beat Sean's score several times!
Chelsi of course had to get her jelly beans... We get them every time we go to Disneyland.

Sean and I in front of the Magic Kingdom Castle... If you can't tell we really love DisneyWorld. Sean's favorite ride is Toy Story. I loved Rock and Roll Rollercoaster. The best was when Sean, Chelsi and I got stuck on Splash Mountain for 45 minutes!!!

Our day at EPCOT... The girls and Sean had fun going to all the different countries. Of course we had to go see Michael Jackson's Captain EO! Loved it in 3D
In front of the wishing well
Chelsi (our "god-child") is obsessed with Paris and the Eiffel Tower! Had to get a picture
Universal Studios- Island of Adventure

We got to go to Universal Studios- Islands of Adventure. We had a blast. I loved the HULK ride and we were able to ride it several times and no wait!!!
The girls posing in the back to the future car!

Harry Potter World.... We ended up waiting like 90 minutes to ride Harry Potter!
Sean doing business as usual!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not the Prettiest but Have the Best Song

The world is filled with yellow canaries with grey on their wings (not the prettiest but have the best song). The pity is that so precious few have learned to sing. Some are young people who dont know who they are, what they can be or even want to be; all they want is to be somebody. Others are stooped with age, burdened with care, or filled with doubt- living lives far below the level of their capabilities.
To live greatly, we must develop the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and triumph with humility.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

Sean and I went to visit my sister Kaui and his brother Tyler's graves this weekend. Tyler is Sean's older brother. I miss Kaui. I never really was able to meet her before she died but I was able to hold her before she was buried. She would have been 13 this year. I am so grateful to know that I will be able to see Kaui again and meet Tyler.

Friday, May 6, 2011


I swear there are days when I wish Sean and I could sleep in and be lazy!!! But there is so much going on in our lives right now-work, dance, school, baseball games, family events- there is always something. So Sean and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Vegas and stay at the JW Marriott with our friends Chris and Jen. It was so nice just to sleep in and lay out by the pool. We ordered drinks-my favorite Pina Coladas. Jen got sunburnt really bad... she was hurting the next day so it put a damper on her trip! I felt so bad! Sean loves lions so of course we went to see the Lions at MGM Grand because Sean had never been there. We ate dinner at Maggios (an italian restraunt in the fashion show mall) and at a brewery called BJ's. The food and dessert were amazing. I wish we could have stayed longer but now its back to reality!